The Endeleo Institute

Welcome to a public charity that fuses three overlapping entities into one corporation focused on creating a culture of health in the Washington Heights community, specifically along the West 95th Street Corridor.



We take a holistic approach to cultivating a culturally enriched scholastic experience that motivate students to pursue higher education.


We offer strong family support and other health services to promote the overall health, wellness and peace in African American families and their communities.

Community Development

We create a strong workforce and a healthy culture for thriving businesses to stimulate economic investment, growth and stability.

Café DuBois,
Endeleo’s contribution to the “15-minute neighborhood”

We are renovating and expanding the building at 325 West. 95th Street to 3000 square feet of usable space to bring Café DuBois to local residents.  Given the toll the pandemic, civic unrest and the economy have taken on this predominantly African-American community, the café is our latest phase in our goal to revitalize the 95th street corridor. A space easily accessible by walking and biking to provide employment opportunities, laundry services and a place to meet, create, and inspire over a cup of coffee.