Endeleo Sustainable Home Ownership Program (ESHOP)

Endeleo is thrilled to announce that we are expanding our community development efforts to include green, sustainable affordable housing in Washington Heights!  Yes!  In partnership with the Cook County Land Bank, the Endeleo Institute is the preferred community developer with the goal of restoring the neighborhood’s challenging housing stock block by block.

Consistent with our mission to strengthen existing assets and revitalize the 95th Street Corridor, we believe access to quality, safe and affordable housing positively affects family health outcomes and the educational performance and achievement of our children.  Most important, stable housing is a more effective approach to reducing crime in our neighborhoods.        

As a part of this program, Endeleo will provide comprehensive information on how you can become proud owner of your own home in a community that boasts the highest homeownership rate in the city.  Imagine…Investing in yourself, building equity and saving money while strengthening the neighborhood.

Please check out the recent Chicago Tribune article (link below) about the plunging Black homeownership rate in Chicago.  The article highlights a very positive experience with an African-American gentleman from the suburbs who recently purchased a beautiful home (through the Land Bank) in none other than Washington Heights! 

Click here for article. 

**Click this link for WBEZ’s Natalie Moore and her housing report highlighting Endeleo’s work. **